Our Trainings

Experts have proven from time to time that 'an idle mind is a devil's workshop and that it is possible to change your situation depending on the choices you make in life' This is reason Rudi Usome Kenya Counselling Experts are keen in changing lives through offering below trainings on key life skills and personal development sessions that mean the world to any human being.


Technology innovation and entrepreneurship is what drives economy of the world. Therefore raising a generation which embrace an entrepreneurial approach confronting the current and emerging challenges is what Rudi Usome desire cherishes. We customize our training and forum to meet and enhance your creativity and innovativeness

Career guidance

Statistics reveals what a significant number of people are in careers of which is not of their choice. This is because people have ignored the role of career experts despite the serious consequences to us, family and the economy of the country, career advice is needed by high school students, employees, businessmen and women and anyone interested in either choosing or changing a profession. Rudi Usome is willing and ready to walk with you in this journey of self-transformation

Design thinking and innovation

This entails the process of sharpening ones competencies through utilizing ones strategic, analytical, logical and critical thinking skills in enhancing ones innovation. It is carried out by our IT experts in a simplified manner to allow even an average thinker to address any challenge objectively to it's logical conclusion

Stress and anger management

Lately in Kenya we have had increased killings, suicidal cases emanating from all walks of life including schools, police service, and work place and within family set up. Researchers demonstrate that significantly the reason is the inability to handle stress and anger, thereby leading to unfortunate occurrences, death and loss of properties notwithstanding. Rudi Usome has a team of counsellors who would guide you out this mess

Addiction - Gambling, pornography, social media

Gambling, pornography, social media among others sites and behaviour have led to an addiction whose business is to kill the vision and aspiration of an individual for good. Especially to the youths getting into it through which ever means always appears to be interesting and appealing but getting out can be a tall order. In Kenya today is a big concern and Rudi Usome has developed unique model to help the effect to recover and get back to normal life


It's a general believe that what a person becomes in life is directly related to the parenting model. The reality is people are raised differently under different conditions and environment. There are principles of parenting that would help parents of the 21stcentury make an informed decision in parenting, at Rudi Usome you will get time to interact with experienced experts of parenting who will guide you on important steps in raising responsible children who would become great people in society particularly how to handle the teenagers on their adolescence page in life

Psychosocial Support

With the growth of insecurity brought by alcohol, drug and substance abuse, early pregnancy among other vices, has led to increase prevalence in HIV/Aids to particular counties in Kenya. This calls for attitude change and regular consistent sensitization on its danger and how to overcome it. Rudi Usome does take a leading role in offering psychosocial support to victim at pocket friendly rate

Therapy session

Rudi Usome org do offer therapy session. This includes both individual and group therapy. We have counsellors who are experienced in all major aspects of parenting. We offer service within our facilities or we can pay you a visit to your work station or any other appropriate location.

Community Work

Rudi Usome Kenya pays occasional visits to the sick, old, prisoners, orphans, and mentally challenged individuals for psychological basic support.

The Counsellor Magazine

We are publishing a monthly interactive counselling magazine that will be very beneficial to learners, guardians, entrepreneurs and parents. Through the interactive platform, we will be able to tackle prevailing vices that affect especially the youth, share entrepreneurship skills necessary to do a business however small and expose different parenting styles